A teenage Tesco employee who got caught having sex with a colleague, described the ‘moment of madness’ which turned her life upside down.

19-12 months-antique Caitlyn Kirby, stated she felt like running off to Brazil after footage emerged of her and 35-yr-old Neville Fox, earlier this week. Her circle of relatives have labelled her the ‘Kim Kardashian of Norwich’ and Kirby revealed she’d been flirting with Fox for weeks. She’s on account that spoken out about the leak.

'Tesco Sex Tape' Involved Teens Finally Spill Out!

She told The Sun:

It was a spur of the moment thing, a moment of total madness. I’ve paid a high price for a silly mistake. I suppose I managed to be the idiot that gets caught doing it.

We’d been flirting at work for a few weeks but it was nothing serious. I’d just finished but he was still working when one thing led to another at about seven in the evening. It just seemed to happen out of nowhere.

He made the first move, I went along with it and it spiralled out of control. The whole world has seen what happened next. He’s quite a bit older than me so maybe he should have known better but so should I.

The person I feel really awful for is Neville’s partner. She must be mortified about it all. Neville had said they’d separated.

'Tesco Sex Tape' Involved Teens Finally Spill Out!

Kirby added:

There was a rumour going around at work. At first I didn’t know if it was true until the end of my shift when they showed it to me. I was absolutely mortified.

By Tuesday morning the video had gone viral and there was nothing I could do about it.

I handed in my notice. Can you imagine having to go in and face everyone after something like that? It’s been a really mad week. I think I might move to Brazil to get away from it all?

I had to delete all of my social media because of the comments. It went completely out of control. I had 304 friend requests on Facebook after it came out — mainly from teenage boys.