Sometimes the internet can be a really great place, and when it comes to memes, it rarely disappoints.


Now a days weird couples are found on net. Recent memes about trump and Piers have set social media on fire. Most people keeping on top of current affairs over the past couple of days will probably have seen a cartoon of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump.

The image was broadcast on BBC Two programme The Mash Report during a segment by comedian Rachel Parris, who was talking about a recent interview between Morgan and the US President.

Parris compared the interview to that of Richard Nixon and David Frost back in 1977, saying: ‘The staging hinted at a great intimacy between the two men’.

Paul Gornish Tweeted

I know someone else has probably already Photoshopped @Lord_Sugar pointing at the picture of @piersmorgan with his face up Trump’s bum on his big telly, but I couldn’t take the chance of having it not exist.

The Wee Man on the next go tweeted

Hey @piersmorgan that cartoon you’ve been tweeting isn’t degrading or homophobic; you’ve just been looking at it from the wrong angle. I’ve corrected it here to show that all you were doing was inhaling Donald Trump’s farts deep, deep into your lungs. No need to thank me mate.

Morgan has also tweeted the image three times as he took to Twitter to express feelings towards it, questioning how it would have been received if it were a female journalist and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Morgan’s initial tweet read:

The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?

So that was all about the meme tweet.