The spine is one of the most important parts of human body. People who work in office forget to take care of our backs and sitting in front of the computer tortures our back to some other level. Certain organizations have comfortable spaces for their employees to take some rest, but if your organization doesn’t have much space then you need to find one for your back!

We are up with certain one-minute exercises that can help you take care of your back muscle and prevent back problems in the future. These are easy to conduct and you can do them easily no matter where you are.

Workout zone — any flat and solid surface (the floor, a table)
Workout term — one minute for one exercise
Workout time period — morning, day, night
Workout recurrence— consistently

1.Thoracic spine strengthening


Method 1: From the beginning position, inhale uninhibitedly and profoundly. Curve your back, and settle this position for 15 or 30 seconds. Or on the other hand From the beginning position, twist your back toward the floor. Fix this position for 15 or 30 seconds.
Repeat 2 times.


Method 2: With your back angled, lift one knee to your chest, and endeavor to touch your temple. At that point fix this leg, keeping your position parallel to the floor. Come back to the beginning position.
Repeat 10 times at a slow pace.

Spine strengthening and stretching


Method 1-  Gently put the two knees in one favor your head the other way. Your shoulders should remain still, settled, and pushed to the floor. Stop in this position for 10 minutes, and rehash similar activities on the opposite side.

Repeat 4 times.


Method 2- From the beginning position, extend your correct leg, and curve your left one. Tilt your twisted knee outward and your head internal. Your shoulders should remain settled.

Repeat- 20 times.


Method 3: Gently, each one, in turn, tilt your knees to the other side and afterward the other. In the meantime, hand your head over the other way.

Repeat 10 tilts consecutively.


3. Lumbar spine strengthening


Method 1: Push your pelvis to the floor, and calmly inhale. When you breathe out, lift your rib confine up.


Method 2: From the beginning position, pull one knee to the contrary elbow (the other elbow remains on the floor.) Then rectify your knee, yet don’t put it on the floor. In the meantime, pull the other knee to the contrary elbow. This activity takes after cycling.

Repeat both the methods 10 times slowly.

These exercises will help you stay safe from the back problems.