A video of a Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak that this person is holding hides him whereas making the background seen has left many Netizens baffled.

The ‘Harry Potter’ invisibility cloak REALLY exist!? This Chinese video has us Amazed

Imagine it or not, the invisibility cloak appears to be like real. Doesn’t it? (via: Hedgehog/YouTube)

A brand new “Reactions” video out this week from the American Chemical Society explores how groups of scientists and researchers are making advances in cloaking know-how in order that sooner or later cloaking invisibility may turn out to be an actuality.

The caption of the clip reads: ‘This is a quantum technology-made fabric that’s a product of clear materials, it may well replicate the sunshine wave round the one that wears it so it may well make the particular person disappear.” The 1.31-minute video that exhibits a person holding a cloak that hides him, whereas making the background scene has left many Netizens baffled.

With more than around 55,000 views, the clip has gone viral. Whereas some have been excited after wanting on the video, others are calling it “fake”. “He’s literally just holding a green screen,” one person commented, and one other man wrote: “Man behind the Cloak became invisible but the plants behind the man remain visible …. Looks fake.”

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