There are some rules in this world that we have to walk and if anything is different in these rules then we will be surprised. If any woman spins without clothing, then our reaction is of some different kind. There is a need to teach women to stay inside the wall but there are some women who make these things wrong.

Girl without cloths


Nowadays, a video on social media is increasingly becoming viral, in which a girl roamed without clothing and no one even got to the eye. This news is from a mall in Toson, America, where a model has painted such a body, all have been cheated.


Roaming naked


A London girl who roamed the streets of London without wearing clothes, but nobody came to know, this lady, who participated in paint print computing, painted a jeans paint on her body and turned it on the road and when it People came to know about the matter and people were watching.


Paint on body


This model, Maria Lucio, dressed without wearing a paint on the body, moved the whole mall, while no one recognized it. This girl did not wear any clothes.

No one noticed


Whether this painting is very real or not, nobody was aware of it, nothing was worn, but it is all thinking that it is difficult to believe in the open eyes too. After this incident, this girl has become very fussy.


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