Yes, you read it right!

Former President’s daughter, Malia was spotted kissing her UK Boyfriend.


Hey! just imagine that your father is well known in the city, and suddenly something from your personal life is spread out in public. I know, even thinking about this situation gave you goosebumps. While the present president was enjoying her affair with Stormy, Former president’s daughter Malia was found kissing her UK boyfriend.

Rory and Malia

Love is in the air!

It was somewhere mid in November, When the reports went out about the boy whose photo went viral with Malia, kissing. The name of the boy was Rory Farquharson, who was the head boy at Rugby school. Ruby school is one of England’s most prestigious institutes. Being an head boy of a British school is a really big thing. There, a head boy is chosen by the higher authority. He is a link between teachers and student in terms of academics and social things.

And all this started when 19 year old Malia posted a picture. The picture was with Rory and the caption said: “So, it begins!”. It could be a normal post for a normal couple but for him it turned out to be something unexpected. He never expected that he will gain that attention from media globally.

Former President's Daughter, Malia Found Kissing Her Boyfriend!
Grown up couple


Another interesting story is that Rory was liked by many girls. He was a charming personality. Head boy by post and cute by face was an attractive point that he had. Many girls dreamed of dating him. Rory is one personality whose tweeter account is a must check. Recently he even mentioned that Trump was last longer than a year.

Malia and Farquharson recently started in Harvard, and it seems both of them are comfortable on each other’s side. And their kissing picture was found outside Harvard. Also, a video was found through CCTV in which Malia was found hugging him before kissing.