Hawaii resident almost got a panic attack when they came across to the alert news warning them to  “seek immediate shelter” as they received ballistic missile threat. Reports states that emergency officials took 38 minutes to send message to everyone on their phones that there is nothing to worry, it was a false alarm.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi called a press conference on saturday afternoon where he said that a single individual set out the alert by-mistake. Miyagi said. “I accept responsibility for this,” he said. “This is my team. We made a mistake. We are going to process this and study this to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” 

A spokesperson from North American Aerospace Defense Command said that it is a false alarm. “We’re in a process of sending another message to cancel the initial message. It was part of a drill that was going on,” the spokesperson said.

Talking about the drill, sources were quoted as saying:  “That alert is not supposed to go out as part of the drill. We don’t know why the alert went out as part of the test. It’s a regular test we do and normally the alert does not go out as part of that test. But this time it did so we’re trying to find out what went wrong and resolve that” 

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Nawrocki told to news portal that, “We’re trying to figure out where this came from or how this started. There is absolutely no incoming ballistic missile threat to Hawaii right now.”
“My phone’s been blowing up,” he added.

Even there alert on TV too!

US Pacific Command spokesperson Cmdr. David Benham gave a statement in which he said that no ballistic missile threat has been detected in Hawaii.

US official told to leading portals that FBI’s Strategic Information and Operations Center are monitoring the situation and trying to get to the root of the matter. They are making sure that no such thing will be repeated in future. As of for now everything is Hawaii is ‘OKAY’ and there is no threat to it.

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