Beijing: The strange stories of Chinese traditions often come out, but the social media is now becoming viral, the shameful video of a marriage tradition. This video shows that in the name of tradition, groom’s friends wear bride’s clothes. The groom tries to stop them but when he does not believe, he asks the bride to cover herself with a blanket.

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The bride tries to hide herself in the red blanket. But the groom’s friends do not stop. On this the bride screams and tries to cover her body to escape. According to media reports, this video has been shared by the user named jin lun fa wang 1209 on the Chinese Video Sharing Platform named Miaopai. Some people are claiming in the way of Kapal’s speech that these people are from Henan province of central China. Video footage was revealed on social media on October 31, so far over 5 Million people have watched this video.