A billionaire dressed up to look homeless in order to test the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ against restaurant staff.


YouTube superstar Coby Persin, 23, is a the big applebased star who tested team of workers at a restaurant in Florida to lookhow they would react to someone primarily based merely on what they seemed like. Inside the video, the celebrity procedures a eating place searching in particular scruffy, earlier than he asks to be seated by using the man at the doorway:

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Upon approaching the host, he says:

Hi how are you? I would like to get a table for me and my friend Ronaldo – to see the menu maybe?

However the host immediately did not seem keen on the idea of letting the man inside, saying that he was unable to seat Coby because he thought the restaurant was ‘too expensive’.

Coby is quite insistent within the video and asks whether or not there’s a menu he can see to make sure it’s not too steeply-priced. Yet the host, who’s remained nameless, is having none of it: ‘we are able to’t serve you, we’re not going to serve you nowadays. I’m sorry approximately that,’ he says. Coby tries to provide the host a chance of redemption with the aid of insisting he has enough cash for the meal, however thehost honestly tells Coby to ‘escape’ and ‘go eat at McDonald’s’.

Billionaire Attire To Appear Homeless To See How Waiters Deal With Him

Coby steps back from the situation and calls his driver, who arrives at the restaurant in a Rolls Royce with a suitcase of cash in the boot.

When he presents the cash to the host, Coby says:

I told you I had money. What’s crazy is the way you judged people just by their appearance.

I might buy this spot just so I can fire you – you’re lucky.

Billionaire Attire To Appear Homeless To See How Waiters Deal With Him

The host looks glaringly ashamed as Coby says he and his driving force will visit the steak spot down the street for their meal.

whether or not this video is simply staged or not is up for debate, however it nevertheless reveals some thrilling mattersapproximately the manner we view human beings in society.

Don’t choose a book by using its cover.