In our society, a class is such that society does not accept that class is that gay which has not given any rating in the society.


If there is any kind of disease, between three to five months of pregnancy then two types of qualities begin to grow in the child.


These two types of qualities are both feminine and male qualities, and after birth, there are two qualities in the child which our society does not accept, and such children are called later as gay


It has been proved on the scientist that if any pregnant mother has a high fever, at that time without consulting a doctor, if the wrong medicine is given, then the child of the child who has the effect of it becomes the gender Men can have both qualities.


How do you know if you are gay?

Many homosexual men say they always knew they were gay – right from as early as childhood.

But for other men it isn’t so clear cut, and this is perhaps not surprising. After all, sexuality is a very complex thing, and it is quite common to feel urges towards both women and men – particularly when you’re young. Also, we live in a much more touchy-feely society these days.

Grown men often hug their mates, and it is no longer frowned upon to hug your brother or dad in public. So men who in previous generations would have had no physical contact with other males, now have quite a lot. No wonder many feel confused.

The important thing is to accept that it is okay not to be sure – and to take your time in deciding which way you want to go.

A lot of young adults make their decision as a result of observing male role models, including friends and people they encounter at work or college.

In your life, there are probably going to be men that you meet who are happily and confidently homosexual.

You will also meet plenty of others who are undoubtedly and effortlessly heterosexual and, unfortunately, some who are vehemently anti-gay.