Maisie Williams was 12 year old when she started to portray the character of Arya Stark in Games Of Thrones. She grew up under the spotlight.Previously she admitted that she felt like was made to feel like an adult before she was. Recently she appeared at The Graham Norton Show where she opened up about her kill list and other things. Read full story to know every inch of it! 

Talking about the journey and how she feels now, Maisie said that, “That’s all evening out and I feel like a 20-year-old now. It’s quite interesting being interviewed so much through my adolescence because there’s things I can look back at now … I’ve come a long way. I was a really cynical teenager and I feel like I’m a nicer, more wholesome person now.”
Answering about new names in her kill list, she took  TomGraham, and fellow guest Anthony Joshua‘s names.

Talking about her kill list, Maisie Williams said that she get an unusual requests from Game of Thrones fans. Describing such requests, she said, “A lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names but then add their name.”

Asking her about HBO show’s finale, actress remained tight lipped. She gave no spoiler. She was quoted as saying: ‘It will air next year, we’re still making it. It is so much fun now there is only a small group of us left and it’s exciting to know everything that is going on.’

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Recently in a interview with leading daily, Maisie said that she is excited  for Game of Thrones to finish because after that she can do whatever she want. She further explained the reason behind of her excitement saying that, “It will be nice to pick roles that I want to do . . . I can show the world what sort of actress I want to be and shape my career a little bit.”

Arya Stark’s kill list has always been a nightmare but it doesn’t matter how many people she kills, her list seems to be never ending one. Well one can sense that if Tom Hanks is on Arya’s kill list then we can say that truly nobody is safe. Earlier HBO confirmed that there will be no spin-off of Game Of Thrones. The final Game of Thrones season will premiere sometime in 2019.

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