1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves can do actually anything he puts his mind to. Is it as a result of he is naturally gifted and works laborious? Fats likelihood. We have puzzled for years why he never ages, and now we all know. Anybody might get good at something in the event that they’ve had centuries of follow. Something besides discovering a second method to ship traces, that’s. Media Source

2. Justin Timberlake

The Civil Conflict was a darkish time in American historical past. Troopers from either side needed to battle to place their lives again collectively in its aftermath. A minimum of for one soldier, I am glad to see he was in a position to get again on his ft and say “Bye, Bye, Bye” to the issues that had been tearing up his coronary heart. Media Source

3. Conan O’Brien

Conan is so hilarious we regularly neglect how tall he’s. The gregarious ginger is a mountain of a person, which could possibly be imposing on a battlefield. Fortunately, he seems to have given up his lifetime of warfare way back and sticks primarily to comedy lately.

4. Andy Samberg And Daniel Radcliffe

You’ll never guess what Daniel Radcliffe does with all of his Harry Potter money. Until you guess he takes a celeb again in time and lives it up within the ’70s. In that case, you guessed appropriately.

5. Matt Damon

The worst half about being immortal is needing to periodically depart your family members behind. It is painful, however vital. Nobody can discover out your everlasting secret. Media Source

6. Michael Cera

“Oh, uh, h-h-h-hey are you going to take that picture right now? Like, here without warning or anything. Okay, I guess I should smile, huh? I wouldn’t want for this to be-” “I took the photo 45 seconds ago, kid.” “Oh, uh… that’s nice, I guess.”

7. Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage face swaps are disturbingly hilarious. However little did we all know that Nic Cage’s face is a face swap from another person. Cannot say I am stunned. In spite of everything, this is not the primary time we have seen Cage take somebody’s face… let’s simply hope it is much less ridiculous than when he did it with John Travolta.

8. Steve Martin

Whoever that’s on the left, they appear like a jerk. I do not imply to be a wild and loopy man, however I wager they are a soiled rotten scoundrel. I would not need to run into them on any planes, trains or cars.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

If you happen to weren’t satisfied that Leo might sort out any position, take a gander at this. He can play a rugged mountain man that survives a bear assault. And he may also apparently completely painting a 1950s housewife. That is referred to as vary, individuals.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

There are all types of little-recognized information about Philip IV. For instance, do you know that his choices had been primarily based on the quantity of thumbs ups he acquired from all those that adopted him? He was additionally recognized to secretly spy on individuals and begin fights between relations on political issues. Glad these type of issues do not nonetheless occur right this moment.