Dudes Might Make Semen Taste Better By Consuming Completely Different Things

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew You’re in all probably questioning what I simply stated, right? You may need to be heard about dudes who swear that pineapple makes their spunk style sweeter. rightly, different meals can affect the style of semen together with fruit, greens, spices, and even one thing as boring as water. For the document, science continues to be out on the topic, however, erm, testers swear they discover a distinction. Picture supply: Getty

You Can Really Be Allergic To Semen

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew You may jokingly say that you simply allergic to semen as a result of the considered getting pregnant RN terrifies you. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to legit be allergic to semen. Typically, folks can have a sensitivity to the proteins in semen. If pores and skin turn into purple, itchy, or infected when it is available in contact with semen, it’d point out that you simply allergic to it. Picture supply: Getty

Semen Facials Exist, However, There’s Actually No Confirmed Profit To Them

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew You’ve in all probability heard a viral story from a blogger who claims that her bae’s semen is the key to her #flawless pores and skin. And there are even semen facials that exist. In reality, there is not any actual confirmed science behind them that they are good for pores and skin. Individuals say that the proteins have anti-aging advantages, however, actually there are not sufficient proteins to make a distinction. Picture supply: Getty

Semen Can Point out Health Issues

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew The quantity of semen a man produces can change relying on quite a lot of issues. A low semen depend is typically a problem if it is a fixed factor, however, the massive issues to look out for are if it is brownish, greenish, or yellowish. If there’s blood in it, that is additionally an apparent problem. In the event, you discover a cool scent down there or every other drastic adjustment, you in all probability ought to encourage bae to get issues checked out to be secure. Picture supply: Getty

Semen Adjustments In Texture After Ejaculation

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew right after a dude ejaculates, semen is mostly fairly thick. About a half an hour on, it turns into runny. There’s really a purpose for it. Semen thins out to assist with the fertilization of the egg in pregnancies. Did they educate you that one in well-being class? Picture supply: Getty

It is Apparently As Good As A Protein Shake

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew Yup, you learn that right. I just lately talked about this in my swallowing after oral intercourse article. Research has proven that semen might be pretty much as good as a protein shake as a result of semen is made out of proteins, enzymes, zinc, water, and fructose. Oh, and persons are so into consuming it which you can even discover recipes on the market for semen drinks. I wish I have been kidding.

Hot Water Can Have an effect on Semen

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew If a dude likes to soak in sizzling tubs, he may even have a decreased sperm depend than the man who prefers to swim in colder swimming pools. Loopy, eh? Cosmopolitan reported on the very fact, however, states that it is okay for dudes to have sizzling showers. Picture supply: Getty

Semen Can Transmit STIs Via Any Membrane

8 Weird Things About Semen You Never Knew This is a scary one for you: Unprotected penetrative intercourse is not the one option to transit STDs and STIs. You in all probability know which you can choose up STIs from blowjobs, however, semen can unfold STIs by way of any of the mucous membranes just like the nostril and even the eyes. So, take into consideration that earlier than bae asks if you would like a semen facial. Picture supply: Getty