Losing weight fulfill the desire of getting in shape. Then why you don’t feel about it? Have you ever though about this? Well there are many good effects of losing weights but there are some unexpected and negative side effects too. Have a look on the rseries of points mentioned below:

1. DepressionDo you know that losing weight increases the chances of depression! This symptom of losing weight is been confirmed by study from University College London. This is no because you have abandoned yourself from rest of the things like- hanging out with friends, extra-curricular activities and just obsessed with gym and work out. This is not it. Some people are so obsessed about losing weight that they start to keep a track on their calories. Yes they start counting calories at every meal.

2. Loose SkinThis is an ugly truth of losing weight. Losing lost of weight can result in sagging folds of excess skin. It is so because skin gets stretched every-time to accommodate extra body mass. So when fat is gone, skin do not have enough elasticity to shrink back according to your current body shape.

3. GallstonesIt is one of the very common side effect every person suffers from while purposely losing weight. Gallstones are basically the hard deposits of cholesterol that form in the gallbladder, because of which people complains about serious abdominal pain. Sometimes they are lead to serious consequences like removing of gallbladder.

4. Liver IssuesYou might have heard of that fat can cause liver issue but do you know that losing weight rapidly can also result to liver issues. This happens because of sudden change in diet leading to changes in your fatty acid profile increasing the chances of liver damage.

5. Surging Hunger HormonesStudies states that people who aim to lose weight suffers from higher level of hunger. It is because of the rise hunger hormone called ghrelin. Because of this some people can’t control their restricted diet and go on eating the junks.

6. The Mourning PeriodYou start missing the ‘food’ you ate before. You need to control your watery mouth. To go through the pain of replacing choco-lava cake with cup of green tea. Is this less than any mourning period? Actual food lover can related themselves with this point.

7. Toxin ReleaseAccording to research published in the International Journal of Obesity, there are some environment pollutants which are absorbed in fat and when you start losing weights, these pollutants mix in your blood stream. Such toxin release can make you ill. To get rid of it, it is been suggested that include such things in your diet which can boost-up your immune system.

8. Headaches, Irritability, Menstrual irregularities, DizzinessExcessive work out leading you to rapid eight loss can result in irregular menstrual cycles. When you start losing weight, you suffer from hormonal imbalance which makes you irritability resulting into headaches. Because of the restricted diet, one can feel dizzy too.

If you want to add some point to it, do tell us in comment section below. Stay tuned with us for more interesting health tips!