In most cases google can be a most helpful  for finding something you, how ever it can work sometimes against you.
so better to stop searching these things on the google.

1. Your Symptoms

first of all lets talk about your health problems many websites are specialized in such content of coarse many of them are not managed by Medical Professionals. Looking over the internet for your symptoms will not help you it will make you feel worse and panic. Which means if you have any problem never as Dr. Google,Visit a real doctor instead.

2. Anything Criminal

This one is serious, you may look up things like how to make a bomb or how to make drugs. However keep in mind that security and drug control service always track these kind of searches and you IP address can be appear in such database you don’t want to get in trouble don’t you?


This is the case where the less you know the better you sleep. There are so many types of this disease, and their symptoms can be similar to many other common problems most people feel DIZZINESS, WEAKNESS, NAUSEA etc.

4. Bedbug Infestation

We heard about this little monster specially from any kind of Hotel review. Maybe you have experience there harm on your body skin but you have ever think what bed bug infestation look like?
If you want to continue sleeping at night, you won’t look up it up.

5. Skin Conditions

There are many diseases connected with the skin disease and most of them look really bad. For some reason you can find online images of almost all of them however it’s much better to stay ignore it in this case. Please don’t look up genital infections either.

6.Smoker’s Lungs

Many of you smoke, I don’t smoke but you might and from time to we think  about the Harms smoking dose, Specially to our lungs. The Web is full of images of abnormal lungs of a heavy smoker’s. Which you could take seriously. You can search this if you want a Strong Motivation To Quit Smoking.