1. You can play a musical instrument

It’s scientifically confirmed that music helps your thoughts to develop quicker and higher. Primarily based on one of many research, one month of music classes will help you get a greater rating in your exams. I assume, in any case, there was a motive behind all these stressed periods! For many who have by no means tried their fingers in music, we are saying, go get it tigers!

 2. You’re liable to be lazy.

3. You have a cat.

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4. You’re the oldest sibling.

Research counsel they’re smarter, not due to genetics however due to the atmosphere and household dynamics. For instance, the firstborn will get the advantages of full parental consideration till little brother comes alongside months or years later. When quantity two lastly arrives, the eldest youngster is put into the place of “teaching” or tutoring the youthful sibling.

5. You Sleep Very less.

Nicely, not precisely little: clever individuals have a tendency to keep up late, which ends, as a rule, in them sleeping little due to having to get up early in the morning to go to work or faculty. So if you recognize you’re a evening owl and might’t change something about it, loosen up — you’re in all probability simply sensible.