It is almost next to impossible that you are going to nightclubbing and coming back home in all your senses. Well we all are aware of the after effects after getting drunk. Some of the after effects are scary whereas some are way too embarrassing. Presenting you some embarrassing pictures of nightclub drunk fails that is surely gonna make you laugh out loud. Have a look on the series of the pictures below:

1. Seems like this man is running away from paying bills and so he got a place to hide from the bartender. 

2. Looks like this man is very much inspired from Hangover series! It will be exciting to see his expression when he come back in senses and finds out that his tooth is missing.

3. This old man is proving the term- ‘age is just a number’. Looks like he is all horny for this lady in white and surely wanna take her home. 

4. These women actually need help. They are done with their drinking session and seems like they licked off their makeup too. Its their times to leave. 

5. ‘In my umbrella..!’ People taking shelter from this women to escape from rain! 6. Martial art performance in nightclub or being so hungry that this women chose to eat her own palm. Should be awarded with biggest drunkard trophy. 

7. Inventing new style to pee. What should be call this new style? Inverted peeing pose?  8. Feeling so hot? Drinks leading to nudity. We wonder how they’ll react after they see these uploads of them when they come back to their senses.  9. Are you trying to scare the fuck out of him or you’re actually possessed? Its hard to figure out whether she is giving funny expression or  saying hello to devil arund her. 

10. This women is making me crazy. I m so confused whether i m over here to enjoy the part or baby sit her. She is out of control man!

11. Haven’t done anything yet then why i can feel something wrong there. Need to check but who’ll walk to the restroom leaving the party behind. Let me check it over here only!

12. #WomenEmpowerment! We don’t depend on guys to have fun. 

13. Exploring the formula of nuclear bomb? No, just checking out the result of m hard work i did last night.  14. All the single guys, please take some tips from this man on valentine. May be you wont end-up single on valentine. 

15. The greedy guy got lucky today. Finally he got something to explore in nightclub.  16. Showing off to crowd that she is has been to the yoga classes or trained contemporary dancer.  17. My best friends love me so much that they can’t stay away from me for a minute. They accompany me to loo too. Where you’ll get such loving caring friends?

Have you ever been the part of nightclub disaster? Do share your nightclub drunk fail story with us. We would love to hear it. Write it us in a comment section below. Stay tuned with us for more interesting stories.