Penises Have Clitorises 

The rathe is part of the penis that’s truly a retained a part of the clitoris that after was. It’s a darkish skinny ridge that runs from the scrotum to the anus. Consider it or not, that is what stays of the fusion of vaginal lips.

Fetuses Get Erections 

Ultrasounds of present that many fetuses do certainly get erections. Actually, many newborns are born with them!

Cash Balls 

Earlier than medicine had been manufactured to deal with erectile dysfunction, docs would conduct transplants utilizing the testicles of animals. Goats, chimpanzees and baboons had been all used on this pursuit, however there’s no proof it ever truly labored.

Red Meat 

In relation to the trigger for foul-tasting semen, research present that red meat and dairy are the most typical culprits. Alcohol and drug use also can contribute.

Massive Balls 

One examine discovered that males with bigger testicles usually tend to cheat on their accomplice. That is value protecting in thoughts within the early levels of a relationship. All you want is a cupped hand and a ruler to keep away from heartache.


Penises can break when erect. Annually about 200 People break their erections. This normally occurs throughout tough intercourse.

Extra Breakage 

Tough intercourse isn’t the one manner erections can break. Some males break their penis by falling away from bed or strolling into partitions with an erection. An audible breaking sound could be heard when this happens and the one remedy is six weeks mattress relaxation and a splint for the penis.

Growers Not Showers

 The outdated adage holds true. Penises that seem smaller when flaccid truly develop extra when erect. Penises that seem greater when flaccid, develop much less.


Circumcision for non-religous causes took place as the results of makes an attempt to remedy masturbation. Harvey Kellogg, the creator of Corn Flakes was one of many head proponents for the apply.

Uneven Cat

When Lorena Bobbitt lower off the penis of her husband John Wayne Bobbitt, it truly started a wave of copy cats. By 2000 there have been 100 reported instances of comparable assaults, not together with those that did not report it.

Biggest One

The world’s greatest penis is 13.5 inches in size and 6.25 inches in diameter. It belongs to grownup movie performer Jonah Falcon.

Two-Headed Monster 

Some penises have two heads… however not human penises. Lizards, marsupials and opossums all have two heads. Echidnas, a kind of spiky anteater, have four-headed penises.

2 For 1 

1 in each 5.5 million males have what’s known as diphallia, which ends up in a person having two penises. It normally happens because of irregular gene growth within the womb and might normally include different genetic defects. One man with two penises did a Reddit AMA final 12 months and likewise wrote a ebook.

Angler Fish 

The angler fish is an animal with some bizarre genital traits. The feminine angler is a big, fierce fish with a light-weight hanging from its head that can be utilized to mesmerize prey. Her male counterpart is a feeble, helpless little factor. Its solely power is a heightened sense of scent, which it makes use of to hunt out the feminine angler fish. Nonetheless, feminine angler fish are uncommon, so male anglers spend their entire lives trying to find their mates. After they discover them, the male bites into the females physique. The feminine then releases toxins that soften the male angler down and fuses it’s physique to her’s. In the long run, all that’s left of the male is a pair of testicles which the feminine carries round along with her like a little bit coin purse and makes use of each time she feels prefer it to make infants.