1. Hiwatari ShinjiHiwatari Shinji is a Japanese Shinto Buddhist in which priests and believers of the Shinto practice to walk on fire. They believe that practicing this ritual will help them to focus on their goal and gain more power.

2. Keeping the deceased in the house This tradition is followed in Indonesia. This practice involves wrapping the loved ones and keeping them in the house till the time of funeral. It is believed that practicing so protects the soul from leaving the body until the burial

3. Bullet ant glovesThis tradition is practiced by boys of amazon forest tribe. This practice involves wearing a glove which have deadly creature- bullet ants. They are suppose to wear this glove and dance for 10 minutes to prove their manhood. The ugly part of this tradition is that this has to be practiced 20 times in a lifetime.

4. ThaipusamThaipusam is a tradition which is practiced on the fill moon night of the Tamil month of Thai. In the picture above, this man has pierced his body before participating in Thaipusam.

5. Prowling for girlsIt was practiced mostly in eastern and central rural Bhutan. This tradition involves men going out at night to sneak into girls windows to engage in sexual activities. Prowling can be of two types- solo or group which varies from person to person.

6. Sateré-Mawé peopleThis tradition is followed by Sateré-Mawé man. It is practiced by men to prove their manhood. This practice involves collecting bullet ant from the amazon forest. You’ll be surprised to know that these ant stings are 30 time more painful than of bee.

7. Tooth filing, Bali.It is practiced in Indonesian island of Bali. It is a a general filing by the side of of the carnivorous canines and incisors.

8. Skin cutting ritual of Papua New GuineaThis tradition is practiced by males of Chambri tribe in which the body of male are pierced and cut of in such a pattern that it gives a crocodile scales look. The wounds are filled with tree oil and clay which helps to give the bumpy look after it heals.

9. Teeth chiseling It involves the sawing of teeth until they achieve a sharp, narrow and pointed shape. This painful tradition is followed by tribes of Indonesia. It was believed that this practice make women more beautiful.

10. Not allowed to use washroom for three days and three nights post marriage!A tradition is practiced by Tidlong community according to which a married couple is not suppose to use washroom for three day and three night post marriage. Also they are not allowed to leave the house for the same duration. After the time is up, couple is given a long bath to wash them up.

11. Indonesian finger cutting. It is practiced by Dani people of Papua, Indonesia. The women of the famly member chop off her finger at the funeral ceremony for her family.

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