1. ArroganceBeing successful is good thing but being arrogant about that success is a worse thing. If you think that showing arrogance makes you look confident, sexy or cool then you are completely wrong. It just piss-off the people around you, especially your man. It is an unattractive thing about women.

2. Bad communicatorMen likes to talk, but with only them who are worth talking to. Men like those type of women who carry out good, healthy conversation. But there exist some women who do have the ability to carry out a good conversation and such women are marked unattractive, boring in guys list.

3. DemandingThe too much of demands are complete turn-off for any men on this planet. Demands include frequent dinner dates, excessive shopping, his time which ends up irritating him and marking you unattractive in his list.

4. GossipYes, men like those women who have ability to have GOOD, Healthy conversation but not those who have stock of gossips which ends up doing back-bitching about everyone on this planet. Becoming a gossip master is an unattractive thing about women.

5. ComparisonWomen have a very bad habit of doing comparison, especially with ex. They forget the point that ex was not worth it, that is why she is not with him anymore. Hence she should not compare her present with ex. Such comparison ends the interest of man in you.

6. Too much make-upLittle highlight here and there, glossy lips and kohl gives you an attractive look but too much of make-up without any occasion is a completely turned-off men. It is been also said that too much of makeup makes men angry sometimes. Understand that your man came to see you, not your make up.

7. Bad ListenerIf you have a plus point of having a good conversation but minus point of being a bad listener then you are completely turned-off for men. Men do not chose to open up very quickly with anyone. They need someone who will listen to him, won’t judge him and can give good suggestion if needed. Some bad listener, don’t let her even man talk. Such features are unattractive about women.

8. Too much of laughingYes. guys do fall for smiles but laughing out loud with out any perfect cause can turn-off his interest in you. Such habits of women, embarrass the men in public. He wants to be proud-head about his women, not ashamed about it.

9. I’m always right!Women who think that no matter she is always right and doesn’t listener about her mistake are listed unattractive in men in list. Such women are way too confident and that kills the interest of men.

10. Poor personal hygienePersonal hygiene is much needed quality in any person whether it is among men or women. A poor personal hygiene can be a major turn-off for anyone.

11. LiarTrust is an integral part of any relationship and women who keep switching her statements can’t be trusted. Such quality of women makes men lose interest in her.