Kids usually consider that their parents aren’t aware of many things about their generation. They do forget that once their also happens to be of their same age and have done all the crazy stuff which their kids are doing now, may be they would done at some different level which their kids would have never thought off. Presenting you some moments when kids realize that their parents are way more cooler than them.

1. Mom on skateboardWhen you go through your mom’s photo album and you spot your mom care foot on skateboard in the year 1974 and you realize you haven’t done such thing till now. It’s when you realize that your parents are way more cool than you.

2. At 16 on car bonnetWhile exploring your parent’s photo album, you get one more shock of your life. You spot your mom in a sexy outfit posing on a beautiful ambassador car bonnet. You get feeling that you need to take some inspiration from them.

3. Dad turns out to be heroThe moment you get to know that when your dad was of your age, he knew horse riding whereas you’re busy riding car in GTA vice city.

4. Dad Cooking A BarbecueWhen you to get to know some interesting facts about your parent’s young age you compare yourself with them. At some moment you feel that your parents was more cool than you are right now.

5. About first earningThe moment you realize that at age of 16 your dad bought a car with his own money and at same age you are wasting money at Subway and MacDonald’s.

6. Mom vacationing at MoscowOn being asked about favorite destination for holiday kids usually say place like Disney land. They get shock of their life when they come across to the fact that their mom use to spend her vacation in city like Moscow and Las Vegas.

7. Parent’s wedding in 1980While surfing through your parent’s wedding album and realize that they did more cool stuff than what you ever thought about your own wedding. Surely need to take some cool inspiration for parents. Isn’t it?

8. HangoutYou realize how cool your parents were when you see pictures with their friends and compare to your last selfie you took with your friend.

9. Dad was an artistWhen you come to know that at your age, your dad had hobbies like sculpting, painting, dancing or playing guitar and you do not inherit any of such hobbies. Today’s kids are more into social media or video games which destroy the fun of childhood.

10. Father’s bachelorhoodWhile exploring some more pages of parent’s album you come across to their bachelorhood pictures and realize that their bachelorhood was way very much interesting then yours.  Don’t you feel like you need to take some tips from them so that you have stories to tell your kids about your young days?

Out of all these points, to which one you could relate to the most? DO tell us your answer in comment section below. Stay tuned with us for more interesting featured stories.