Is it been so long that you guys are dating? Is it too long that you guys are in live in? If yes, then you will definitely relate to these 10 things.

#Relationship Goals

You mess with me, I will mess up your day. You Shout at me, I will kiss you harder. You love me, It will be fun ignoring you. I mean there are hell lot of relationship goals that varies relation to relation. But #Relationship goals of #Live in Couples is something that even trending hashtags can not define. Yeah guys, So if it has been too long for you guys to finish up your daily routine and get back home to your Love, then I am sure that you must have come across these things:

1. Your Mood Will Never Be Same:

Does that ever happened to you that you that you are in a really romantic mood, and you want to go kiss him/her, hug her as tight as you can and talk endlessly? But! your partner is in completely opposite mood. I am sure it has! and if you guys are reading this together then must have looked into each other’s eyes with that kinky smile. 😉

2. No Longer Hours Of Sleep:

Haha! I am sure you relate to this point the most. Yeah that exactly what happens when you are in a relationship, Or I should say ‘Live In Relationship’. Because the time you are too sleepy the other person has got something important to tell you. Or in case of those cute girls who just smile when you say you are too sleepy and you are like no man, not again!

3. Food Choices Create Another Mess:

Most of the time, things you wish to order is something that gives her lip a down curve. Haha yes you got me right! that you both never have a same choice to food. Luckily if one day the choice matches, you count it one in a blue moon perfect dinner.

4. Who Will Open The Door?:

Love makes you lazy. And the most lazy part in relationship is when the door bell rings and you look at each other with that puppy face that please go open the door. The decision is never made before the bell rings the second time.

5. The Bathroom Mess:

Either both of you wish to go at same time or there is something that brings in bathroom into the role. Or I am sure when you just started living in together, you use to play music to avoid those unwanted sound. And now when you are in rush, you guys enter the bathroom together, one to take the shower and other to may be brush, pee or You know:p

6. Fight On Every Small Thing:

When you live in together, the more you fight on small things. How to get paste out of that toothpaste tube becomes a small little argument on which you probably laugh in the evening.

7. Farting Becomes a Game:

If you guys have just started living together then you must shy if you need to fart. But if it has been quite long then faring becomes a game. Even ‘I Love you’ is expressed through that at nights.

8. What To Watch Is Another Big Problem:

I am sure this is another thing that creates those cute little argument. If she wants to watch that romantic stuff, you would want something horror or action. And what next? Hehe Either an argument or the romantic show is on!

9. Getting Late Because Of The Next Person:

Alarm clock is a problem every time in live in relationship. Why? Because it never rings more than 2 seconds, the other person always swipe up the alarm and what next? You guys are sleeping till late. And then at that peak time the one who is geting late gets up and starts screaming. And this becomes a everyday story.

10. The Laundry Thing:

Who will set the laundry when it has come after wash. For a few days the clothes are kept the way the laundry man gave it. Then when you urgently need that shirt ironed, Boom! the mess begins. And next time you decide to manage it all on time.

But guys it is not that the relationship is all about messing up. There are those cute moments that keeps you stress free and you feel comfortable.