#10 Chatri Sityodtong sent 100 emplyoees to a Maldives Vacation

These Are The 10 Most Loved Jobs In The World

For celebrating the 30% increase in net income of the company Evolve, the MMA company, the founder spent 400,000 dollars to take his company for a vacation in the Maldives. He does this every year to motivate his employees to do better.

#9 BrewDog management says take in a puppy and a week’s paid leave

These Are The 10 Most Loved Jobs In The World

Getting a new pup is like adding a new member to the family which takes some time. Hence, the employees of this Scottish Brewery gets Puppy Parental leave of one week which is completely paid.

#8 Dan Price gives a part of my income to his employees

Dan, the founder of Gravity Payments thanked his employees for their incredible efforts by increasing their yearly wages to 70,000$. How cool is that? Btw, his employees are no less, they saved six months of their salaries to buy their boss the electric car he always had wished for!

#7 Savji Dholakia wants to give all his employees apartments and cars within 5 years

In April 2016, as a part of employee benefit, Savji Dholakia gifted 1260 cars and 400 apartments to his employees. He further plans to give all his employees these benefits in the next five years

#6 Stefan Sagmeister gives his employees a yearly leave every 7 years

While most of the bosses do not give enough leaves to their employees, Stefan believes that you can burn out as an artist if you don’t get enough rest.


#5 Lee McAteer brings ball pit to his office

One day, the employees of the company Invasion in Manchaster, UK came to the office to find out it is converted into a giant adult ball it. The owner of the company had filled the office with 250000 colored balls for his employees to relax.

#4 The Breakup Off

These Are The 10 Most Loved Jobs In The World

Hime & Co Management offers their female employees a paid leave to get past their breakup. Interestingly, 20-year-old ladies only have one day off to cry their hearts out; those older than 25 may have 2 days, and 30+ women can have 3 days. Dreamy enough?

#3 Asana treats its employees to exquisite lunches and chocolate.

These Are The 10 Most Loved Jobs In The World

The owner of the company believes that delicious and fancy food not only positively influence the employees’ performance but will also make them happier. Hence, they have hired professional chefs who prepare sumptuous food every day and the office never runs out on the chocolates.

#2 Alex Rios bought a car for his chef who was late for work.

For several years Veronica has proved to be a great chef for Alex Rios’s daycare. She had survived cancer in the past and was really very inspirational for Alex. However, one day she called him in tears and said that she would not be able to continue because of the public transport issues. Hence, Alex bought a new car for her!

#1 Stacey Thompson hosts an interview with Flex Lewis

These Are The 10 Most Loved Jobs In The World

Okay, so you need not be an employee to get certain benefits and love your job, look at this journalist! In this moment, she clearly thinks she has the best job in the world!